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Benefit of LED signs vs Neon Signs

Neon signs have been around since the 1930s; to some they hold a certain charm and nostalgia, reminiscent of bustling strips and boulevards of old town Vegas.  Undeniably neon lights still attract attention today, they’re good for business.  Neons last for around 10 years do they can be a worthwhile investment; but the technology is outdated.  Alternatives such as LED offer numerous benefits over neon signs:

LEDs are cheaper to operate

They use significantly less power (as much as 5x less).  A typical LED light sign can run on 3kv – 18kv compared to neons which run on 24v – 120v.


LEDs are longer lasting

You can expect a neon light to last for around 10,000 hours of use; compare this to LEDs which can last for around 50,000 hours.  With LEDs you’ll need to replace then less often.


LEDs are Eco-Friendly

In many instances LEDs have completely replaced traditional lighting such as halogens since they use less energy and need replacing less often.


LEDs are easier to handle

Neon signs need to be encased in glass tubing for the gasses that power them.  They can be fragile when being moved and benefit from specialist of professional experience to repair.  LEDs do not contain any gasses and although the risk with neons is small, this is of no concern at all with LEDs.


LEDs are brighter

LEDs are brighter in the dark which can help to make signs stand out even more than neons.  They tend to have a soft, warm glow to them which is comfortable on the eye.


No doubt neon signs are good for advertising businesses and their services, but as technology advances often options such as LEDs are proving to be that much better.

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