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Can Neon Signs be Repaired?

If your neon sign isn’t lighting properly you might be wondering if a repair is possible.  As an owner of a neon sign you may be aware of just how fragile neon signs can be.  These lights contain gasses that are encased in glass which can be easily broken if handled incorrectly, but yes they can be repaired, by a professional.

Problems with neon signs can be caused by one of several things:

  • The transformer
  • The glass coating
  • The connections

Repairs for neon signs are a little more technical than modern day LEDs for instance.  It’s always advised to seek the services of a professional sign repair company.


Sources of Neon Sign Problems

Power issues

A likely cause if your sign is blinking, flickering or the lights go out completely.  This should be the first place to check in any of these instances.

Neon lights need a consistent power supply, any variations can cause them to stop working properly.

For multiple connected neon lights each one must be supplied with the exact same voltage, if one goes out they all go out.

Damage to components

A crack in the glass casing for instance can cause gas to leak out, or become contaminated which would cause the light to stop working.

Age related issues

The various components that make up neon signs all have a finite lifespan.  Usage and how they’re kept can play a role in how long they last.  You could have a worn transformer, or the coating could have worn away as two examples, these can both be replaced by a professional.


Do you have a malfunctioning neon sign in the New Haven/Fairfield County CT area? 

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