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How long do Neon Signs Last?

Neon signs have been around since the 1920s and are still a popular form of business signage today; with good reason.  They last a reasonable amount of time, though we’ve all seen those half dead signs that emit a pathetic flicker, or fail to work at all.  The look’s never good.

Neon signs are made up of various components that each have their own average lifespans.  So how long can you expect them to last?


Neon Sign Tube Lifespan

The unmistakable tubes that illuminate and provide color to neon signs last around 8-15 years.

The phosphor coatings which provide color to the tube are not indefinite and last between 7-10 years, though they can be re-coated by a neon sign repair expert.  The lifespan of this coating can be affected by how often the sign is used, and to what intensity.


Neon Sign Transformer Lifespan

The transformer powers the neon sign and converts standard electricity voltage into the voltage necessary to illuminate the sign.

Neon light transformers last between 8-15 years on average.


What Causes Short Neon Sign Lifespan?

Transformers can be affected by direct heat, so if they’re outside and exposed to the sun they might not last as long as indoor signs.

If your neon sign blinks/flickers then this can cause additional wear on the components and reduce their lifespan.  You may choose to switch between flickering and static and use the flicker setting sparingly.

Problems with inconsistent power supply can also affect how long the sign lasts for.  When the sign is installed you can ask the installer about this, a reputable neon sign company should ensure that your setup is up to scratch.


Thinking about adding a neon sign to your business?  Or perhaps you have one already but it’s playing up and you’re looking for neon sign repair in the Connecticut coastline area.  Whatever service you require, you can trust in the 5 star rated sign specialists at Archer Sign Service, serving New Haven and Fairfield Counties Connecticut.