Blade Signs

Blade signs have been around for centuries and over the years they’ve gone by numerous names: hanging signs, swinging signs, flat signs.  You’ll find them outside old ale houses, social clubs, restaurants and more.  When you walk along any main street and you’ll probably see one of these signs, proudly standing out over the walkway and presenting each business.  They are highly effective in attracting attention and bringing people to your store – making them one of the most popular type of custom business signage for 100s of years.

Their name comes from the fact that when you walk along the walkway they project out like a blade, hung by a pole or some type of mount.


Customizing Blade Signs

Blade signs are highly adaptable, they can be made from wood, metal and plastic and can be designed in a wide range of styles:

  • Hand painted blade signs
  • Illuminated blade signs
  • Single and double sided blade signs
  • Swinging blade signs
  • Static blade signs


Interested in discussing a custom blade sign for your business?  Archer Sign Service offers a complete service from concept to completion.  No need to hire a separate graphic designer, our experienced team can design an effective sign that accurately reflects your business.

We can install your sign anywhere in New Haven or Fairfield County CT.

Our Blade Sign Services

  • Blade sign design
  • Blade sign installation
  • Blade sign removal
  • Blade sign repair

Whether you’re looking for a new 3-D or illuminated hanging sign, or a simple static sign to hang over the sidewalk we can help.  Contact us for a free estimate and no-obligation discussion today.