Pylon Signs

Get seen and noticed from afar with a pylon sign from Archer Sign Service.

Typically raised 20ft or higher, these towering signs offer excellent visibility on highways and at roadsides.  They are one of the most popular types of outdoor business signage; you’ve probably seen many more of them than you realize.

Pylon Sign in Milford, CT

Pylon signs are popular among many types of businesses:

  • Restaurants
  • Gas stations
  • Motels & hotels
  • Business parks
  • Medical facilities
  • Churches
  • Medical facilities
  • Shopping plazas
  • Car dealerships
  • And many more..


What is a pylon sign?

Also known as a pole or freestanding sign, a pylon sign is a type of outdoor signage typically mounted to one or two poles.  These poles are usually made from steel, aluminum or a combination of both.

Pylon signs can be both single and two-sided.  They can be illuminated with LEDs for nighttime and customized in many shapes, sizes, materials and designs. In short, they’re pretty versatile.


Types of pylon signs

Single pole pylon sign

The classic type of pylon sign.  An economic method that stands tall and promotes your business 24/7.  A single-pole pylon sign can be one or two-sided.  It can also be illuminated or not, depending on your preference.

Twin-pole pylon sign

Commonly used for larger signs, these mounts provide greater stability and rigidity.  Twin-pole signs are a popular choice and frequently chosen for business signage. In fact they may be more common than single pole.

Light box pylon sign

Get maximum visibility day and night with an illuminated pylon sign.  These lights can be built into the sign itself, hidden from view. and the light box can be fitted with sensors to turn them on and off as needed.

Single-sided pylon sign

If you only need to display a message on one side then a single-sided sign can be a more cost-effective option for you.  Often single side signs are used at entrances to buildings or on one-way streets.

Double-sided pylon sign

Probably more common than single-sided signs, being two-sided allows for greater advertising space and visibility, two ways on a two-way road for instance.

Covered-pole pylon signs

Some businesses choose to hide the metal support poles with materials such as brick & mortar.  This can be necessary or desirable to help keep in with the style of your business.  Of course the brick and then be painted with your brand colors.


Customizing a pylon sign

Pylon signs can be customized in lots of ways from the size and shape, to the materials used and features to make them stand out.  Some include:

  • Spotlights – Illuminate the sign with lights from the ground up, or lights that are mounted on the sign itself.
  • LED message board – Light up the sign with a display message that you can change and control.  Announce sales events, opening times and more.
  • Covered material – The poles can be covered with brick masonry and stucco to give a different look to your sign.


Common reasons to choose a pylon sign

  • Your business is set back from the main road
  • Your parking lot is in front of your business
  • You want to direct traffic coming off a highway
  • Your business is obstructed in some way
  • You want to clearly mark the entrance to your business
  • Your storefront can’t be easily seen or read from the road

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The difference between pylon signs & monument signs

There is often confusion between pylon and monument signs.  Some people think they’re the same, and sometimes it’s not clear on what you should be asking for when you contact a sign company.

A simple way to determine the difference is height:

Many city codes specify that to be categorized as a pylon sign a sign must be at least 20′ (feet) tall. 

Pylon signs are used when visibility is needed over a greater distance.

Monument signs have a profile low to the ground and provide better visibility when positioned closer to business entrances.  They typically have low or no clearance from the floor which is very different to a pylon sign.

Pylon Sign

Pylon sign

Monument Sign

Monument sign


Why pylon signs?

Let’s summarize the key benefits:

  • Highly visible – Their height makes pylon signs visible from near and far.
  • Large advertising space  – Pylon signs are usually larger than many other types of signage so provide an excellent opportunity to add imagery, logos and text with plenty of space.
  • Durable – These signs are made from very robust materials, designed to be outdoors and last for many years.   This also helps to make them low maintenance.
  • Flexibility in location – Because pylon signs are freestanding they can be installed in many more locations than other types of signs.  They can easily go close to the roadside and get maximum exposure.



Pylon sign design and installation in New Haven / Lower Fairfield County CT

Thinking about purchasing a pylon sign for your business?  Whether you have a design in mind or require some assistance Archer Signs can talk you through your options.   Trust in the 5 star rated sign experts local to you.