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Why is Proper Signage Important for Your Business?

proper signage

Proper signage can help gain new and loyal customers

A FedEx study has shown some really interesting facts about the importance of proper signage for businesses. According to the survey, eight in 10 American consumers enter a store they have never visited before based on the signage. Moreover, seven in 10 consumers actually purchased a product/service because the signage caught their eye. The survey also showed that business signage can be a potent word-of-mouth marketing tool, as 75% of the respondents admitted that they had told someone about a store based solely on its signage.

Good signage is important for your business, because your brand goes much beyond just the logo and the entire visual experience affects whether or not consumers will remember your business and decide to buy from you. Signage is so important for your business because it allows you to market your products/services and the business itself as an identifiable brand. It is effective at promoting the business, drawing attention and also conveying important information to potential customers. It increases brand awareness and eventually, helps you convert a sale. Here are some ways in which good signage can benefit for your business.

Enables clear communication

Signage represents a brand’s most visible form of communication. Good signage can easily communicate a message that attracts potential customers to want to engage with your business. Customers often make assumptions of a business based on the quality and attractiveness of their signage and the same assumption carries over to how customers perceive the quality of the brand’s products/services. The idea is to convey only important information and not bombard customers with excessive graphics or text. Too much information can cause cognitive overload and create a negative perception of your brand. So, good signage is about subtle yet clear communication and not creating a sensory and cognitive overload.

Cost effective marketing

Good signage is important because it is an effective and inexpensive marketing tool. When compared to pay-per-impression (PPI) style advertising where you pay for each advertisement placed via media outlets like television, print, etc or on social media, business signs can be very cost effective. There are upfront costs associated with business signage, but once the signage is ready and installed, it will continue to advertise your business 24X7X365. A good sign stays outside your business for as long as you want. Business signs draw attention to information about product/services and promotions and can act as a silent salesperson for your business. As a marketing tool, quality signage can provide brand awareness and help with new customer acquisition and repeat business.

Conveys brand identity and builds brand awareness

Proper signage can have a positive impact on brand image. When retails stores use common color, style, font and logo, it makes stores more easily identifiable across multiple locations. It also creates uniformity and consistency in brand’s appearance making brand recall easier. Quality business signs tell the story of your company without actually speaking. It has positive impact on your customer engagement efforts and goes a long way in enhancing brand royalty.

Proper signage provides competitive advantage

Good business signage can be a great differentiator and help a business stand out in a sea of businesses. Good signage makes your business look better and instils confidence and trust in the customers when they are mulling their options. It can encourage customers to choose your business over your competitor’s businesses. Quality business signs provide a competitive edge to your business.

Proper signage helps inform potential customers about a business even before they step into the store. It builds knowledge, trust and confidence. If you are looking to create an optimal signage for your business, get in touch with our experts now. They can ensure that your signage investment pays good returns now and in the future.