How to Install an ADA Compliant Sign

Installing an ADA Compliant Sign at the Right Place

Got an ADA compliant sign to mount in your business?  ADA signs should be installed where a permanent space in a building is being designated.  This means any room or area that retains the same function for more than 7 days.  ADA compliant sign is not required in non-public areas of your building, including parking lots (except for disabled parking bays).  Installing ADA compliant signs is required in all areas related to safety, such as stairs used, elevators, and exits.

People with disabilities are used to seeing and relying on these signs, so when something is out of place it can create unnecessary confusion.   An improperly installed sign can put the disabled person at risk in an emergency situation.

The ADA regulations for signs can seem a little complex, so its important to take care when mounting your sign to avoid prosecution.


Installing at the right height

  • ADA signs should be mounted 48-60 inches from the door (measured to the center of the sign)
  • A good height is for the center of the sign to be 54 inches off the ground (just a recommendation)

ADA compliant signs are measured from the floor to the bottom of the lowest characters, and the floor to the bottom of the highest characters, not the bottom and top of the sign itself.


Room signs

Signs indicating the purpose of a room have rules for where the sign should be in relation to the entry door, floor and ceiling.

Hanging in the right place

Exactly where to place the sign depends on whether you have a single or double door.

Single Doors

 – Place the sign on the wall adjacent to the door handle.


Single door (inward swinging)

In rare conditions the sign can be placed on a door if all three conditions are met:

  • The door closes automatically
  • The sign is on the push side of the door
  • There is no close handle/cover

Examples of where this may be the case are restroom and kitchen doors.


Double Doors: Installing an ADA Compliant Sign 

Different rules depending on how each door is opened/locked.

  • Two keyed leaves – Hang sign on the right of the right hand door.
  • One keyed leaf – Hang sign on the door leaf without a keyhole/pad etc…

Keeping the sign straight

There aren’t specific guidelines on keeping the sign completely level but you should still use a levelling tool.


How to hang the sign

This depends on the size and how the sign is made.  You should receive appropriate hanging equipment from the manufacturer.

Businesses who fail to install signs to ADA specifications can be handed heavy fines.  If you are not confident in mounting your signs correctly, contact a professional sign company to help you.

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