Problems Caused by Improper Sign Installation

Sign Installation

1. Missing drivers who pass your sign

Ever driven past a sign and had no idea what it was advertising? Have you driven past a turning because you missed it? These are things people face because of improper sign installation. Roadside signs can be a huge source for potential customers but drivers need sufficient distance from seeing your sign to understanding it and stopping safely.


2. Sign causes a safety hazard

Your skin might be perfectly visible but if it creates an obstruction it’s going to cause resentment.  Carefully consider the impact of all types of people from your sign placement.  Signs come in a wide variety of configurations and aren’t always simple to install (safely).  Specialist fixtures and fittings can be surprisingly complex and present a problem if you are not sure what you are doing and then sign eventually falls down.


3. Confusion about how to enter

Don’t neglect good way-finding for better exposure.  Though one location might be seen more, if it confuses people then it can lead to lost customers.  It’s about finding a good balance between visibility and helpfulness; ideally you should have a sign right by the entrance, this is something that a lot of businesses seem to get wrong.


4. The sign becomes obstructed

Good sign placement needs careful consideration in order to avoid improper sign installation.  Some businesses don’t send enough time on the planning phase and then their sign becomes hidden behind a tree, vehicle or some other obstruction.  Spend the time to be sure your sign can be seen close up and afar from as many angles as possible (and appropriate), get help and second opinions to do this.  Consider the height required to see the sign from the road, and certain perspectives as well.


5. Improper Sign Installation Can Cause Intermittent lighting

We’ve all seen them, lit up signs with letters and other elements missing, not a great look.  It can’t always be helped of course, but professional installation and a good maintenance plan can help to prevent such embarrassment.


When you have spent a lot of money on business signage to engage and attract, paying to have the sign(s) installed may not be on the cards.  Call in a little help from a friend or colleague and it should be simple right?  Installing a sign may seem relatively straightforward but there are a number of problems that can occur if you’re not sure what you are doing.

If you want your sign to be as effective as possible, consider professional sign installation.