Reasons Why Indoor Signage is as Important as Outdoor Signage

Indoor Signage

Outdoor signage is the first thing people think of when we talk of business signs, because outdoor signs are what draw people into a business. However, the indoor signage is as important for creating the right ambience for your customers and employees, increasing the chances of visitors returning. Indoor signs help the visitors to learn about your organization, provide necessary information, and navigate the building with ease. They also improve customer experience and satisfaction. Common types of indoor signs

Wayfinding/directional and identification signs: These signs help customers and guests find their way through the establishment and locate specific areas. The signs are usually placed outside conference rooms, washrooms and other rooms. ADA directional signs are signs that conform to the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) requirements.

Branding signs: These signs are used to brand an organization and they include logo, organization name, color scheme, and slogan.

Identification signs: These types of signs provide information such as opening and closing hours, menu items, and more.

Why is indoor signage so important?

Once a visitor enters your business, indoor signage welcomes them and further educates them about your offerings. Here are some of the benefits of using good quality indoor signage:

Brand identity and awareness

First impressions mean a lot when you are building a client base. A great way to achieve this is by having customized logos and signs throughout the building, especially in areas that see a lot of foot fall. The more appealing and sophisticated your indoor business signs are, the greater would be the impact. People would be able to identify your business just by glancing at the color scheme and logo on the display.

Creates the right atmosphere

Indoor signage, wall graphics and other forms of imagery can greatly boost the aesthetics of a place and liven up the atmosphere. The last thing you want is your visitors or clients staring at blank walls in your office. Colorful and eye-catching interior signage throughout your building can make your visitors feel more welcome and improve the perception of your brand.

ADA compliance

Every business owner is required by federal law under the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) to have certain types of signage in their building. It involves marking building spaces, rooms, or features with raised characters and braille. These signs provide visually impaired people greater access to public buildings.

Organic advertising

Once you have customers in your building, you can use the indoor signage to advertise to them. You can inform them about any sales and promotions going on. You can also inform them about your latest offerings or new solutions. Your indoor signs can be your silent advertisements.

Provide relevant information

Your customers may have questions and your sales staff may not always be available to answer those. Having the right indoor signs that provide all necessary information that your customer may need, can be of huge help. Moreover, the right kind of indoor signage can also influence the customers’ buying behavior, because a lot of times, they tend to make choices based on the information they get from indoor signs.

It is clear that indoor signage is as important and deserves as much attention as outdoor. As we just discussed, good quality indoor signs can offer a host of benefits. If you are not getting the right ROI from your indoor signs, it is time to get quality indoor signs designed by us and enjoy the benefits out of it.